Originally a Canadian company, Typodermic Fonts was established in 2001 by Ray Larabie to provide high-quality font families for industrial and consumer needs. As a soul proprietorship, Typodermic Fonts maintains a low overhead that allows it to stay nimble and flexible. Customer satisfaction is at the top of its priorities, right next to creating the highest quality products for the lowest prices. Typodermic Fonts moved its headquarters to Nagoya, Japan in 2008.

Ray Larabie has a long established record as an independent font designer and has been publishing his fonts since 1995. He first started creating fonts as a child when his grandmother gave him sheets of dry transfer lettering. Designing typefaces with pen and paper, and later on his first computer, a TRS-80, Ray is now known in the industry as a font designer’s font designer, having personally created over 500 fonts. The library continues to grow.

Before Typodermic, Ray launched Larabie Fonts in 1995 to distribute his original collection of 250 fonts as Freeware.

In 2005 Typodermic partnered with Viewfarm Incorporated, a user-interface and graphic design company in San Francisco, to create a set of fonts called Cinecav™ for use in closed caption display systems. Cinecav is specifically designed to meet the FCC IE-708 closed caption display requirements for digital television, and is unrivaled for its display quality on new and old televisions.

Ray has long been involved with independent font business and will be for years to come. Find out more about Ray at about.me/raylarabie.