Licensing Cinecav

Most fonts are licensed on a per-unit royalty model. We are happy to make similar arrangements with you if that is your preference, but unlike most other font suppliers, we can offer you a one-time licensing fee for unlimited use across multiple platforms. Our agreements are easily customized to meet your business needs.

Get an evaluation copy of Cinecav, and we’ll work out the details.

Safe copyrights

Font “copyrights” are treated like software because the shapes of the letters can’t be copy protected so it’s the vector descriptions that are. Most fonts are made available through re-sellers who license fonts created by other sources. Many “royalty free” fonts are stolen and can easily be traced back to the original vector source. Only by working directly with the original source (the designer) can you guarantee that you have a clean design, free of ethical and legal complications, provided for the best price. Read more about Ray Larabie the Cinecav font designer.

For those interested in using Cinecav for purposes other than closed captions, try Cinecav X available from Typodermic Fonts Inc.

Working on the lowercase S from Cinecav Serif