David Delp

Creative Director

David is creative director at Viewfarm, a design firm that specializes in television user interface design. His first interactive TV project was with Silicon Graphics in 1992 where he led the UI design of Japan’s first interactive television network. As Creative Director for Microsoft’s interactive television division, David managed the teams that designed the UI for WebTV, Microsoft TV, Ultimate TV, and MSNTV. Viewfarm provides user interface research and design for both trend-setting and long-established companies including Comcast, Microsoft, Dish, Pause TV, and Broadcom. He has personally designed closed caption systems for several clients.

Contact David if you are interested in using Cinecav for your closed caption display system.

Raymond Larabie

Font Developer

Raymond is the designer of the closed caption font family Cinecav. He is principal and founder of Typodermic type foundry and has personally designed more than 1100 fonts in styles as diverse as graffiti, brush script, sans serif, slab serif, old-style and decorative. Applications include video games, television, electronic devices, software packages, signage, web design, teaching aids, industrial design, and publishing. He is especially versed in the technical challenges of designing for television screens, having created fonts and UIs for Nintendo and Sony Playstation games. You can see the complete catalogue at typodermicfonts.com.