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We now have an
alternate font family
called Cinecav™ B.

Cinecav™ Closed Caption Fonts provide the best and most affordable typefaces for closed caption display. Most font suppliers deliver re-packaged fonts that are unsuitable for closed captions. The Cinecav™ family (pronounced SI-ne-kahv) is the first set of fonts designed specifically for meeting FCC EIA-708B requirements (also known as CEA-708). They are more elegant, more legible, and more consistently designed for television applications than fonts provided by other suppliers and have been tested and refined on several DTV platforms. The font set also includes Cinecav™ UI, designed specifically for guide information and menu systems where space efficiency and legibility are extremely important.

Cinecav™ UI - An efficient font for guide data display and GUI menus *

Cinecav™ Sans - (708B) Propotionally Spaced Sans Serif

Cinecav™ Mono - (708B) Monospaced Sans Serif

Cinecav™ Serif - (708B) Propotionally Spaced Serif

Cinecav™ Type - (708B) Monospaced Serif

Cinecav™ Casual - (708B) Casual

Cinecav™ Script - (708B) Cursive

Cinecav™ Small Caps - (708B) Small Capitals

* Cinecav™ UI includes a bold face that is not shown here.


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